Neighborly pumpkin-carving

I have been looking for another opportunity to reconnect with my neighbors from Somalia. Remember this is the family I got to have in my home for hamburgers, which had to be halal meat. Catch up on that story here.

With Halloween coming up, I had the idea of inviting my neighbors over for a cup of hot cider. That evening turned out to be rainy, so the shelter of my open garage was inviting to some who came and talked for awhile. But I had a different thought for my Muslim friends, who I assumed would not get into the traditional trick-or-treating routine.

So I invited them to my place to carve pumpkins. They had never done this before, so I had to explain what it would involve. We had to work on the scheduling. Our first time day proved to be a no show, so we rescheduled for Halloween itself. I had bought three pumpkins, and had knives, spoons and candles ready. So they came as a family, and we had quite the time getting messy!

They wondered if this was the kind of pumpkin you could eat. Sure. I told them that Lyn sometimes roasted the seeds, so they took some home to try that.

I think we came out with some really nice faces! Don’t you agree?

three pumpkinsTweet This   Pumpkin carving turned out to be a great way to be neighborly. #NearFrontierTREK

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