3. Serve locally

group prayingThe prayer and learning of the group provides a foundation for getting into the community in practical forms of service. Such service can be given either by individual group members or by the entire group.

1. Consider the areas of interest among group members so as to become involved in activities that inspire. At the same time, seek exposure to new areas so as to stretch the group.

2. Investigate local churches or other ministries in your city which are serving refugees, language helperimmigrants, and international students. Your members can join such efforts in a variety of ways such as:

  • Providing transportation from and to the airport, or doctor’s appointments.
  • Conversational helper or cultural informer
  • Home stays, where a student stays in an American home for a few days or longer.
  • Attending cultural events to show interest and strengthen friendships.
  • Preparation for citizenship exam, written driving test, or road driving test

3. If your group has interest, investigate local ministry approaches to underserved groups, such as homeless people, street teens, students struggling to thrive in school, trafficked people, chronically poor people, and elderly people.

  • Volunteering at a shelter, food or clothing bank
  • After school tutoring
  • Recreational sports and friendship building
  • Free yard work or park cleanup

4. As you find ministry opportunities which lack workers, you can become a catalyst for promoting others (outside your group) to volunteer. Seek to influence others in your local church.

5. Attend local mission conferences to speak to representatives of local ministries. Access their resources and literature to pass along to others. Remember names and gather contact information of representatives.

6. Availability for serving locally will vary according to work schedules, energy levels, school schedules, etc. Be understanding of such limitations while also emphasizing the importance of practically serving.

RESOURCES FOR SERVING LOCALLY (To be expanded in the future. Suggestions welcome.):
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Ministry organizations that may be working in your area
World Relief
International Rescue Committee

Book titles
When Helping Hurts

When Helping Hurts
A house on Beekman

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