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Typically we think of a “frontier” as a far away place that is difficult to get to. But sometimes the frontier is right under our noses.

That is what has happened with ethnic peoples who formerly were far ashutterstock_99388463way. This generation is seeing perhaps the most amazing movement of peoples ever.  Many who once were out in the distant frontier now near!

Our opportunity, and responsibility, as believers in America, is to partner together to love those who have moved into our neighborhoods.

Here are some of our convictions at NEAR FRONTIERS:

shutterstock_88405195WE BELIEVE that immigrant churches are a divine provision for reaching America with the love of Jesus Christ.  SO LET’S PARTNER IN SHARING THE GOSPEL.

WE BELIEVE that segments of society have long been shunned and under-resourced. SO LET’S SERVE TOGETHER IN WAYS THAT EMPOWER.

shutterstock_437185WE BELIEVE that God is sending internationals to America that they might find salvation in Jesus Christ. SO LET’S WELCOME THEM IN JESUS’ NAME.

WE BELIEVE that the power of Christ is displayed when diverse cultures dwell together in unity. SO LET’S LEARN TO EMBRACE ONE ANOTHER IN RECONCILING LOVE.

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