2. Learn intentionally

Members of your group will deepen their understanding of missions as you seek out small group interactionresource materials. There is an abundance of resources available to your group. Here are some ideas:

  1. LENDING LIBRARY   Build a lending library of books, articles, videos to share among the group. These may be books you already have among your members.
  2. ONLINE RESOURCES    Search for, and bookmark, online articles, websites, and videos that share among the group. A small portion of your meeting time could be allotted to sharing about and discussing what you are learning.
  3. BIBLE STUDY       While your John4 gathering is not primarily a Bible study, some weeks should include taking time to look at Biblical passages that show God’s love for the nations.
  4. GUESTS      One option is to invite a missionary or local ministry leader as a guest to join one of your meetings. A pastor of an ethnic community in your area would provide a good exposure to the immigrant story and current needs. The guest can share from their experience, and join you in praying and discussing a relevant topic. Be careful to insure that time allotted to a guest does not infringe on the other functions of the group.
  5. VIDEO INTERVIEW      In the same way, you could arrange ahead of time to connect by Skype with a worker serving in a cross-cultural setting. You could pray for specific needs expressed by that worker.
  6. CULTURAL AWARENESS       Be sure to study the area of cross-cultural sensitivity so the group can become more aware and proficient in ministering with those of other cultures.
  7. EXPLORE VARIOUS CHURCHES      Investigate the different ethnicities and cultures which God has brought into your city. Find out if there are any churches ministering to that people group. See if you can visit with the church leaders, and attend a worship service. Over time, visit several different ethnic churches.
  8. EXPLORE INTERCULTURAL CHURCHES      Investigate churches in your area that are intentionally pursuing intercultural (multi-ethnic) church life. Meet with the pastor, and visit a worship service.
  9. TRAINING EVENTS       Watch for missional training events that are offered online or in local classes. Examples are: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Encountering the World of Islam (EWI), etc.

We encourage you to not only access these resources for your own group, but promote them in your local churches and community. As an John4activist, you seek to stir up others to engage in Great Commission work with fresh zeal!

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RESOURCES FOR LEARNING INTENTIONALLY (To be expanded in the future. Suggestions welcome.)
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Book titles
Diaspora reading list


Catalyst Postings


PeopleGroups.info – discover UPGs in USA and Canada

Videos to rent or buy

Videos to stream
Urbana – past speakers

Training events
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Encountering the World of Islam – convened in different locations

Training online
Perspectives online
Encountering the World of Islam – 12 week course
Kairos course – 9 sessions

Remember to keep your #John4activist group balanced with Pray Strategically and Serve Locally!


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