7 Reasons your Christian community needs a mission focus

By “mission focus” I simply mean an intentional and continual emphasis on bringing the message and life of Jesus to those who do not yet know Him.

  1. A mission focus keeps you connected to God’s heart of love for all people.
  2. A mission focus raises awareness of people around you who need Christ.
  3. A mission focus connects you to brothers and sisters worldwide who need your prayers.
  4. A mission focus prevents your group from becoming overly focused on members’ needs.
  5. A mission focus expands your prayer life to include God’s plan for the nations.
  6. A mission focus enables your group to see current events through the lens of the Great Commission (Mt. 28)
  7. A mission focus enlivens your own faith and appreciation for your salvation.

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Here is a written prayer you may want to use in praying about the immigrant crisis today.

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