Chinese science student examines Christ

On my recent #NearFrontiersTREK, I heard the testimony of Kunming, a Chinese international student. He came to study in one of the sciences, at a leading university in the USA. He was an atheist, having reached the conclusion that religion was a myth. His wife heard about an English language gathering offered by a Christian group. Since they only had one car, Kunming would take his wife to the group and listen in.

During this time, Kunming was thinking over some of the things he was hearing about Christ. It began to trouble him that as a science student he had never given the claims of Christ an objective examination. He had only accepted what he had heard back in China. He thought, how unscientific of me! I would never tolerate such assumptions in my field of expertise. Now I must objectively examine the teachings of Christianity and prove that it is not needed.

Kunming began to see that faith is a part of every day living. For example, when a person sits on a chair, he shows faith that it will hold his weight. Over time, he began to accept that faith should not be rejected categorically.

stars at nightAbout that time his wife said that she did not need to continue with the English classes. But Kunming replied that he was interested to learn not only more English but also more about the way of Christ. She was very surprised!

Over time, they both put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Now Kunming is the pastor of a Chinese church here in America.

God is at work! Let’s not grow weary in sharing our faith, and praying for God to draw others into His family.

If you are on a journey to discover faith, write me with any questions, or for prayer.

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