Befriending Muslims with tea, baseball, and camel milk

We must learn to respect and build trusting relationships between Muslims and Christians. This is the instruction of both the Qur’an and the Bible. I am always encouraged to find Christians (of which I am one) doing their part. Some observations on my recent #NearFrontiersTREK give these examples…

I talked with a Christian woman who desires to help Afghani women who have come to her area as refugees. Their husbands were helpful interpreters for the U.S. military.  These wives have very little understanding of the English language, so my friend has started to host weekly “Mother and Toddler Teas.” At these gatherings which are held in the community center of an apartment complex where many of the refugees live, tea is served and a lot of chatter goes on about common issues of raising young children. A couple young moms from the local church also come and talk about parenting young ones.

The hostess tells a Bible story to the group, keeping the English simple so it can be understood by both mothers and toddlers. This way everyone improves their English and also learn about the Bible (Muslims have a high regard for holy writings and reetnic manspect the Bible).

In my recent travels I also heard about a Christian man who wanted to make friends with a man who had recently come as a refugee. They were neighbors, but the Christian was not sure what the man would like to do. One day he invited his new neighbor to join the church softball game on a Monday night. The new neighbor, a Muslim, was excited to come, and brought his son along. The refugee had played some cricket before, so when it came his turn at the plate he held the bat as in a cricket match, and when he got a hit he carried the bat with him to first base. All had a great time, son included, and they couldn’t wait to go to the game the next week!

A third example of friendship between Muslims and Christians is the young family I know who love the Somali people. They discovered a way to bring camel milk into the stores where Somalis shop. This has met a need for the Somalis, for camel milk is a regular part of their diet. Meanwhile, the Christian husband is building relationships of trust with various store owners, spreading goodwill.

I love it when I see the peaceable nature of Jesus expressed through his followers today.

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