Team retreat is here!

Twice a year our team members gather somewhere in the USA for a retreat. This is not a vacation, but structured time to regroup. Retreats are among our “practices” which help us develop a culture which includes “transformative living”. I wrote about this here.

This week we will be meeting on the coast of Washington State, giving attention to:

  • sharing recent developments in our families and ministries
  • reviewing our “Sandbox” which describes our direction in ministry
  • sharing with each other our plans for the next year, and praying for them
  • taking personal time to walk, reflect, rest, think, pray
  • celebrate with a nice dinner, and watch a movie together
  • learn a ministry skill or two
  • worship and share together in God’s Word
  • check our systems of support, encouragement, and accountability

It will be good to hear what God has been doing!!


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