Our Mission

Mission of Near Frontiers

Allow me to concisely clarify some of the key ideas in our Mission statement:
–Bob Rasmussen

“partner within the diverse body of Christ”

We desire to play our part in working together with many others. We do not see ourselves as separate from the church, but a mission-stimulating arm of the church.

We love the diversity of the family of God, and desire to partner as servants and mutual learners. Tweet This

“stimulate intercultural unity”

We long to see followers of Jesus leading the way in breaking down dividing walls through reconciling love.Tweet This

“gospel transformation”

We are convinced that the good news of Jesus’ abundant life radically changes people, families, and society.Tweet This


We are especially gripped by what God is doing to scatter the peoples of the world to bring those who were far away close where they can experience the love of Jesus.

We believe the USA is a most profound place to share Christ with the nations who are gathering here.Tweet This

“underserved peoples”

Just as Jesus came to serve and not be served, our mission is to come alongside those in need and be Jesus to them.Tweet This

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