Dr. MelindaJoy Mingo
Email: melindajoy373@gmail.com

The mission of Je-Nai ministry (meaning "One Who Loves the People") is to provide spiritual care, discipleship, and practical assistance to those who are not necessarily connected to a local body church but are seeking a place to connect with others believers and serve the community.

As the founder of Je-NAI Ministry, I am a pastor and Directional Leader to many people young and old across the U.S. and overseas. I am an ordained Pastor, possess a Doctor of Divinity degree as well as a PhD in Global Education and Leadership. I have taught at Fuller Theological Seminary and Colorado Christian University with specific emphasis in the incarnational life of Christ, biblical diversity and unity.

I offer to the community – especially the impoverished - free career counseling, free life coaching to the mentally and emotionally abused, relationship coaching, prayer for the sick, baptism for those who don’t have local church affiliation. I have done ministry work at the Samaritan House in Denver, The Springs Rescue Mission, San Carlos Maximum Facility prison, a chaplain to the homeless, Colorado Springs Police Department Chaplain police department, and disenfranchised in the Colorado Springs and Denver area.

I am also connected in Colorado Springs as the Associate minister at Relevant Word Ministries Church.

As a result of my heart for the impoverished and marginalized society, Je-Nai is not just tied to one specific area of town in Colorado Springs is a ministry throughout the city of Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado.

I have served at Cedar Springs Mental hospital, Spring Creek youth Detention, CJC Jail, the Colorado Springs Police Department, Springs Rescue Mission, and as a missionary myself `here in America’ as well as overseas.

My overseas experience includes missions work overseas in Kenya, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Japan, and Santo Domingo developing and strengthening church leaders and church plants.

I am presently writing a book on how to build authentic sustaining intercultural relationships and I am the contributor of a book entitled `Building Bridges – Black/White Relationships in America’. My desire is to `advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace and beyond’.

God Bless,
Dr. MelindaJoy Mingo

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