Muslim perception of Christians: Promiscuous

shutterstock_20178286American Christians have an image problem. Our western culture has succeeded in convincing much of the rest of the world that we who live in America and other Western countries are promiscuous. And since America is a Christian nation (aren’t “we” always saying our founding fathers were Christians? — beware what you claim!), therefore Christians are promiscuous.

Hear the words from the book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, by Nabeel Qureshi, a devout Pakistani Muslim who was finally convinced of the truth of Jesus and the Bible:

For the most part, Eastern teachers have taught the Muslims that the West is Christian, that its culture is promiscuous, and that the people oppose Islam. So the average Muslim immigrant expects people in the West to be promiscuous Christians and enemies of Islam.

It requires intentionality, and you my friend can do it!

On the rare occasion that someone does invite a Muslim to his or her home, differences in culture and hospitality may make the Muslim feel uncomfortable, and the host must be willing to ask, learn, and adapt to overcome this. There are simply too many barriers for Muslim immigrants to understand Christians and the West by sheer circumstance. Only the exceptional blend of love, humility, hospitality, and persistence can overcome these barriers, and not enough people make the effort.

That explains why our [Muslim] families fight hard to keep us from becoming “Americanized.” The term had nothing to do with nationality; it had everything to do with their perception of the culture. To be Americanized was to be disobedient to your elders, to dress less conservatively, and to spend more time with your friends than your family. Cursing, drinking, and dating were simply unfathomable.(p.80)

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