Jesus in Heavenly Light!

Christian workers in an American city hosted a Christmas fun day for refugees. They showed the part of the Jesus film showing the birth of Christ. One of the leaders offered to give out copies of the Jesus film in the language of the refugees, as well as copies of the Bible in their language. He was a bit discouraged that no one came up for these offerings.

However, the next morning Steve got a call from Ali (both names changed). Ali was excited, “Do you have a copy of the scriptures in my language?” Steve said yes, and brought a copy of the Bible to Ali’s house. Uncharacteristically, Ali bypassed customary greetings, exclaiming, “Did you bring the book?” Steve gave it over, and asked what had made Ali so interested in getting the Bible.

Ali said he had a dream in which Jesus had appeared to him. Steve asked what he saw. Ali said that Jesus was surrounded by light — not just normal light, but “heavenly light.”  Another dream came the next night. Ali understood that he should read the Bible with Steve.

Steve is so thrilled that this has happened, for he and others have been praying for a year of harvest. What may God want to do in this refugee community? What does He want to do in your town? Let’s ask God to do the miraculous!

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