#John4activist is a Jesus-follower who gathers a few friends to pray, learn and serve together in local mission.

Why John 4? That’s the Bible chapter which tells the story of Jesus intentionally traveling through Samaria to engage the woman at the well.
To do so, He crossed religious boundaries, social boundaries, and economic boundaries.

Even the woman was astonished that He cared!

Has God burdened your heart for the nations?
Are you ready to get off the bench and into the game?
Take the initiative and begin a small group right where you are. We will show you how.

small prayer group

As a John 4 activist, you will gather a few friends around three activities:

  1. Pray strategically. Keep the focus on praying that God would take the gospel to the nations, and draw people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray in light of the context, events, religions, and spiritual forces.
  2. Learn intentionally. Deepen your understanding of the needs, opportunities, and approaches in local and global missions. Discuss books, articles, and videos together. Access training opportunities. Connect virtually with missionaries.
  3. Serve locally. Discover local mission opportunities and put your beliefs into action by volunteering.   Work for justice and compassion. Make friends across cultures. Serve the underserved.


What resources can I access?

On an ongoing basis, Near Frontiers will circulate suggestions for you to consider using. These will include resources for effective prayer, book lists and video links, etc.

What do I do to start?

You can start anytime on your own. We would love to know what city you are functioning in so we can pray for you. We will use social media to get connected and share experiences and ideas.

How often, and for how long, should my group meet?

Probably the most frequent would be once a week, and minimum once a month. Choose a place to meet that suits your group. Meetings can be kept to one hour, or run longer, depending on the desires and availability of the members. It might be good to meet for a school year (or calendar year) and then reevaluate.

Is there a cost involved? Do I get paid for being an John4activist?

It does not cost monetarily to become an activist, but it requires time and commitment. You do not get paid for serving in this way.

Where do I find people for my group?

They should be local, in your area (unless you want to try video conferencing, possible but difficult). Think of friends who have a heart for missions. Members could come from your local church, and/or other churches. People who have been on short-term trips, or returning missionaries, may be interested. Pray and ask God for direction as to who to invite. A small group of 3 or 4 is okay.

Do I have to register join Near Frontiers or another organization to become an John4activist?

No, you do not have to register, but it would encourage us to know you are starting or restarting a group. Plus we can send you occasional resources if we know your email address.

We would love to know if you are starting a John4activist group. Please email us and let us know where you are. And let us help answer any questions you have. THANKS!
Tweet This  Check out this resource for starting your own #John4activist mission prayer group.

By the way, if your church wants a FREE curriculum about how to make friends from other cultures right where you are, check out our Passport To Friendship page. Tell a friend!


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