Bringing neighbors together

Even when we try to bring good news into a city or an entire nation, we should not overlook our own neighborhood. We recently had our second annual National Night Out, and had a good turnout of folks from our street. The fire truck, and police car stopped by for awhile. I was glad for all who came out, especially my muslim friends – the kids loved the fire truck! Often we don’t need to travel far to find a #NearFrontiersTREK.


Our approach is to supply the hamburgers (halal beef for muslims) with buns and all the extras.

A couple weeks beforehand I visit each home with a flyer stating the time and date. I ask that they bring a bag of chips or salad or dessert if they want to, but its completely optional. Usually people bring a chair and, if it rains, some guys get out their canopies. There is a great spirit of working together! Check out the National Night Out website if you want to connect with your local police and fire departments. Otherwise, you can do this anytime on your own.

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